Where am I ?
Date 15 | 07 | 2014


Our district of Bergen lies on the North Sea coast and attracts a great many tourists. Some visit for a day trip, others spend their entire holiday here. There is a good 25 kilometres of beaches, there are forests, dunes and polders with special flora and fauna. Swimming, cycling and walking are available in abundance. Hotels, restaurants, campsites, museums and many other facilities allow you to have a pleasant stay. The entire area lies 35 kilometres to the north-west of the capital city, Amsterdam. So it is close to the big city, but the area is characterised by nature, rest and space.

Our Dutch-language website contains a great deal of information for residents and tourists. In the English-language version, which you now are looking at, we limit ourselves to a number of subjects that are of interest to you if you wish to visit our district as a tourist.

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